Lamzac 3.0

by Fatboy

The must have Fatboy summer outdoor glamping accessory! read more
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The perfect summer accessory for glamping, festivals and picnics, with no air pump required.

This lightweight, packable Lamzac easily inflates to make a relaxing sofa for 2 or a large easy outdoor lounger.

No pumps are required to inflate the Lamzac, simply open the top of the bag and swing the lightweight bag from side to side to fill it with air. Then fold the top of the Lamzac together and create a life size lounge seat.

To deflate the Lamzac, simply open the top of the bag and release the air.

The Lamzac can be easily rolled up and stored in its carry bag. We are currently having great fun demonstrating this outside our Nottingham shop which, when you've got the knack of it, or there is a strong breeze, is really easy. The trick is to hold the open end flat, 'a bit like running with a Chinese dragon' says Nicky who obviously runs with dragons regularly :)

See here for the Lamzac L Fatboy Lamzac®L.

Wherever you go, make yourself comfortable. Fatboy Lamzac® the original is fun & simple to inflate. See the video below.

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