Metal Wall Greenhouse

  • £1,850.00
A stylish and practical way to both display and cultivate your tender plants read more
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This delightful metal 'lean-in' greenhouse is the perfect way to display potted plants, cactus and succulents alike.

The greenhouse is a one-piece solid steel frame with glass panels but with a mirrored back. Note that this is not designed as a greenhouse you can stand in. Please note the size measurements if in any doubt.

The greenhouse is designed as a plant theatre, where plants can be propagated as well as displayed beautifully, the doors open above the first level of glass panels.

The back not only maximises the available light but creates the effect of depth and reflection.

With practical removeable galvanised trays to arrange and display your plants.

The greenhouse is freestanding and is delivered as a complete item, only the shelves need assembling.

RHS Product of the Year 2018 Runner Up

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