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Mountain Log Store

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Keep your logs dry and tidy and ready for use.

Mountain Log Store


Size (cm): 183×65×149
Weight: 53.0 kg

Not available

Mountain Log Store

Keep your logs dry and tidy and ready for use.

This decorative log store is a striking addition to any garden providing an attractive and practical space to keep your logs dry and protected from the elements.

There is a small space to store kindling wood in the eaves of the log store.

Ideal for placing on a patio or against a wall to create a garden feature while keeping your logs within easy reach.

Includes a raised slatted base to help season the logs by encouraging air flow to the logs and keeping the logs dry and ready for use.

Height: 183cm
Width: 149cm
Depth: 65cm

Made from pressure treated wood with a 15 year guarantee against rot - no need to re-treatment.

This log store will take approximately 2 hours to construct.

This has been discontinued but if you would like something to store your tools as well as your logs, a log and tool store is also available.

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