Organko Kitchen Cream Composter with Bran

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Composting is one of the most important aspects to create healthy and active soil. read more
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Composting your kitchen green waste is a really useful way to both create home made compost to improve your garden soil and help reduce landfill.

The Organko can be used as a counter top composter in the kitchen if you have space, or if not it's big enough to keep on the floor.

We should all try to compost our kitchen waste and other organic material whenever possible.

The Organko Kitchen Composter will help you convert your green kitchen waste into a nutrient-rich soil builder.

This Organko composter was created for the kitchen and allows you to reduce bio-waste by as much as 25% when using Bokashi bran.

The use of the bran in the composter gives you a base for first-class compost and an organic fertilizer for your garden and plants. It also speeds up and helps the fermentation process along with reducing waste decay and unpleasant smells.

Moreover, as a side product, you can use the liquid as natural drain cleaner and a great organic fertiliser. Dilute the fertiliser liquid and use as a plant feed.

This method of compost fermentation is a practical solution to help with reducing bio-waste.

The composter is ideal to be used in the kitchen, and in conjunction with an outdoors compost bin.

Extra bran can be purchased.

Refill Bokashi Bran.

Full instructions included.

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