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Fence Posts

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Secure garden fences and panels with sturdy posts and easy to fit fixings.

Incised Fence Post - 210cm high


Size (cm): 210×10×10
Ref: MFG-PGI47
Weight: 8.0 kg

Not available

Incised Fence Post - 240cm high


Size (cm): 240×10×10
Ref: MFG-PGI48
Weight: 8.0 kg

Not available

Fence Posts

Secure garden fences and panels with sturdy posts and easy to fit fixings.

Easy to fit fence post spikes to hold the decibel and double slatted fence panels in place.

The Fence Posts have been kiln dried, incised and then Pressure Treated for increased longevity.

Rough sawn with a natural timber finish they are suitable for use with a variety of Pressure Treated fence panels.

See also the Base Fixing.

The Spike Base Fixings offer an alternative to digging a hole and setting the posts in concrete.

They can also be used for anchoring other garden structures such as arches and pergolas.

Product Specification

These robust and long-lasting fence posts have tiny incisions that go deep into the timber.

The incisions allow the pressure treatment preservative to penetrate deep into the post. This process is common in agricultural fencing, these Incised posts from Forest bring the technique and benefits to the domestic garden.

They are made in the UK from sustainably sourced FSC certified timber and come with a 15 year Anti-Rot guarantee.

Delivery Information


Due to continued issues at the factory related to the Covid-19 pandemic, this item is not currently available/we are not confident of consistent supply of the item. Please email customer service to be put on a list to be contacted when it is available again. Please note that when it is available the price may alter so we cannot guarantee this.

We would rather be honest with customers and whilst you may find this item elsewhere the same inconsistency will probably apply.

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