Solar Edison Style Light

Edison style solar bulb for alfresco evenings.

Add a little extra moonlight atmosphere to your alfresco parties with these gorgeous Edison style solar light bulbs lights.

Comes with a small clip as well as metal hook, so it is versatile enough to simply to hang from trees, shrubs or clip on fabric gazebos.

Once you have decided where to put the lights, unscrew the silver cap and in the top of the lid is an on /off switch. Switch the light on and replace the silver cap.

The bulb will automatically light up at night.

Make sure in the day time the bulb is situated so the small solar panel on the top will catch daylight in order for it to recharge effectively.

Edison Style Solar Light


Size (cm): 14×7×7
Ref: TW-5786
Weight: 48g

Edison Style Solar Light

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Edison Style Solar Light


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