Soundscene 3 Wireless Outdoor Sound System

Soundscene 3 Wireless Outdoor Sound System

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A unique wireless, portable, and weather-resistant sound system. read more

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Simply stream music from your smartphone/tablet/computer to the speaker, and enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous play. We've used these speakers for over a year now, and are delighted with both the sound quality, and rugged protection from the wildest of partying!

Up to 8 speakers can be easily linked together at the touch of button. One speaker can be used in a small space, and then multiple speakers can be linked wirelessly to each other to enjoy in a larger space. Try hanging them from tree or shrub for surround sound around the garden!

Due to the elegant and contemporary design, it can easily be used in both the garden and home, which makes it the perfect sound system for year round enjoyment.

The first speaker just needs to be within 10 metres of the music source. Additional speakers can then be linked up to 30 metres from the original speaker, without experiencing any distortion or volume loss.

Please note that the price quoted is per speaker.

If you need any further information regarding this item, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 0345 6052505 or by email, and we will be only too happy to help you

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Height(cm) 27
Width(cm) 12
Depth(cm) 12
Weight 2.65 kg

• 20W Stereo sound

• 8 hour battery life.

• Weather-resistant design and tough silicon base, the speaker can withstand anything from a rain shower, to a splash from the pool.

• Each speaker is designed to produce 270 degrees of sound, so that you can enjoy sound from any direction.

• Apart from your audio source, no additional equipment is needed. Simply press one button and you have the total flexibility to add, or remove, speakers.

• Each speaker also offers a power share port which allows you to charge your smartphone or mp3 player directly from the speaker.

• A 3.5mm auxiliary port allows you to plug in source devices which are not Bluetooth-enabled.

• 12 months guarantee.

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