Soup Socks

For clear delicious soups and stocks...

An easy way to make clear, delicious soups or broths or stocks.

Fill the soup sock with vegetables, chicken or meat and tie a knot in the end or tie with cooking twine.

Place in your cooking pot, fill with water, add seasoning, bring to the boil, then simmer for a couple of hours and et voila! You will have delicious clear stock ready to use without the hassle of straining...

Great way to make use of excess of vegetables from the Autumn harvest.

The soup socks are made from 100% cotton.

Pack contains 3 socks.

Soup Socks - Pack of 3


Size (cm): 7×3×7
Ref: TW-3945
Weight: 22g

Soup Socks - Pack of 3

2 available now

Soup Socks - Pack of 3


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