Italian Squash & Courgette Seeds

by Franchi

Easy to grow and delicious summer and winter squashes from seed. read more
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From winter squash seeds to summer courgette seeds these are very easy to grow, and of course they all don't all need to be long and green!

If you want a treat, and a talking point in the garden, try one of the round varieties such as Courgette Tondo di Nizza.

For winter squashes, try the pumpkin Marina Di Choggia - small and ugly shaped, but delicious orange flesh inside.

The Butternut Squash Rugosa - delicious roasted with olive oil and garlic.

Summer courgettes:

The flying-saucer shaped Custard White is always popular, and looks great in the vegetable garden, try pan fried with oil and garlic.

The Courgette Romanesco is highly productive, just remember to keep picking or you will get marrows.

Or, if something slightly different is your thing, try the yellow courgette Goldrush - it has a delicate flavour and is lovely in salads.

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