Olla Terracotta Irrigation Pot

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A sustainable self-watering technique for your garden based on centuries old techniques. read more
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This Olla terracotta irrigation pot is based on the the ancient method of drip irrigation which has been used for centuries. Where buried, unglazed clay pots filled with water gently drip water into the ground.

Used in a greenhouse you can reduce your water consumption on watering seedlings or small plants with the easy-to-use, self-watering terracotta irrigation pot. It can also be used in the garden as well.

Bury your Olla irrigation pot between your plants, fill it with water and it will provide a consistent level of moisture directly to your roots.

Ideal to use the greenhouse and the garden and the Olla will help reduce the daily need of watering. It is believed that using an Olla is 10 times more efficient than surface watering as it reduces the levels of evaporation and and also reduces stress levels to plants.

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