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Timber Cold Frame

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This timber cold frame is perfect as a transitional stage between the greenhouse and planting outside.

Timber Cold Frame


Size (cm): 38×109×63
Weight: 15.0 kg

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Timber Cold Frame

This timber cold frame is perfect as a transitional stage between the greenhouse and planting outside.

Cold frames are used as the stepping stone for young plants between growing in a greenhouse to being transferred outdoors.

If a plant is moved straight outside into the cold it can stunt its growth, so a cold frame is a great way to ease it into life in outside.

The acrylic glazing of this practical cold frame is a practical alternative to glass that still lets plenty of light and warmth through.
The two independently opening lids each have a 'prop' so you can work without completely opening the cold frame and exposing your plants.

We recommend using a weed block fabric in the base of the frame to prevent weeds from growing in your cold frame and capture even more warmth.

The timber cold frame has a generous amount of room that will house any plants that are ready to be moved out of the greenhouse and into your garden.

Product Specification

Dimensions: Height: 37cm. Width:109cm. Depth: 63cm.

The cold frame is manufactured using timber that has been Pressure Treated to give it a 15 year guarantee against rot.

It has with full instructions for easy self-assembly.

Manufactured from Pressure Treated timber for a superior build.

Two independently opening lids allow you to easily access your plants.

Acrylic glazed panels.

Manufactured from FSC certified timber from sustainable sources.

Delivery Information


Due to continued issues at the factory related to the Covid-19 pandemic, this item is not currently available/we are not confident of consistent supply of the item. Please email customer service to be put on a list to be contacted when it is available again. Please note that when it is available the price may alter so we cannot guarantee this.

We would rather be honest with customers and whilst you may find this item elsewhere the same inconsistency will probably apply.

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