Timber Cold Frame

by Forest Garden

  • £129.99
This timber cold frame is perfect as a transitional stage between the greenhouse and planting outside. read more
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Cold frames are used as the stepping stone for young plants between growing in a greenhouse to being transferred outdoors.

If a plant is moved straight outside into the cold it can stunt its growth, so a cold frame is a great way to ease it into life in outside.

The acrylic glazing of this practical cold frame is a practical alternative to glass that still lets plenty of light and warmth through.
The two independently opening lids each have a 'prop' so you can work without completely opening the cold frame and exposing your plants.

We recommend using a weed block fabric in the base of the frame to prevent weeds from growing in your cold frame and capture even more warmth.

The timber cold frame has a generous amount of room that will house any plants that are ready to be moved out of the greenhouse and into your garden.

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