Triple Action Bird House

The Triple Action Bird Box is a multi-functional, and multi-species, nesting box for garden birds. read more

This product is no longer available from our store please see the description section for similar ideas

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It has 3 different options:

Option 1:

It may be used as a small bird nest box, using the 32 mm hole protector. This will attract small hole nesting species, such as Blue Tits up to Great Tits.

Option 2:
Remove the top panel to use as an open-fronted nest box, for birds such as robins and wrens.

Option 3:

Out of nesting season, the nest box may be converted to a bird feeder by the removal of an extra front panel.

If you are using the box for nesting, clean out the nest box and move it away from the feeding area, and hang between 1.5 and 2.5m high surrounded by foliage.

At the end of nesting season, the box can be brought back to your feeding area.

Full instructions for use are included.

These are now discontinued, please see here for alternative ideas.

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