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Urban Nest Box

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Urban styled bird nesting box

Urban Nest Box


Size (cm): 16.5×16.5×16.5
Ref: TW-9475
Weight: 1.25 kg

Not available

Urban Nest Box

Urban styled bird nesting box

This contemporary styled cubed bird house can be easily fitted to a wall or fence.

Perfect for the urban or more contemporary garden.

Suitable for robins and wagtails.

As with all nesting boxes, site between 2 and 5 metres above ground, out of reach of predators. Ideally, face between the northeast and southeast, to avoid the sun and westerly winds.

Nesting is most likely during April and May and, in the event of chicks hatching, there will be frenetic feeding activity by the parent birds. Take care not to disturb during this time, as any intervention may result in the eggs or young being abandoned by the parents.

This bird boxes now discontinue, please see here for alternatives

Product Specification

Made with FSC wood, and with a high gloss white finish.

There are 2 hooks on back of the house, so it can be attached to the wall as a square or, if you prefer, in a diamond shape.

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