Vegetable Seeds

by Franchi

Italian vegetables, easy to grow even in the UK read more
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A selection of some of the best, and easiest to grow, vegetables. Suitable for the novice and skilled gardener alike.

Some of our favourites, which we personally recommend in the shop, are : Calvo Nero - easy to grow, delicious dark green leaves, and looks fabulous in the vegetable garden.

Chard and Spinach: always popular, chards are less likely to bolt in dry summers, the red ruby chard tastes delicious, but you can grow them just for the foliage if you like.

Beetroot Di Choggia - a real favourite - easy to grow and has pink and white stripes inside, it is wonderful roasted with olive oil and garlic.

Carrots - the Round Parisian ones are popular for something a bit different, and fun for children to grow.

If there is an item which is not available and you wish to order it, please contact us by email or phone 0345 6052505.

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