Verses Bird Bath & Stand

Beautiful green glazed ceramic bird bath and stand read more

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The bath has ridges around the inside, so the birds shouldn't slip whilst they drink or bathe.
The edge of the bird bath is impressed with the verse: "To see a world in a grain of sand – and a heaven in a wild flower – hold infinity in the palm of your hand – and eternity in an hour". No doubt the birds will be impressed by your beautiful lines (or recognise them as the first verse from William Blake's - Auguries of Innocence) and see such a cultured garden as a safe place to make its home.

The Bird Bath is supplied with 3 separate glazed ceramic feet which lift it off the ground if you want to use it without the stand.

Frost resistant.

Just by providing water for them, you can attract twice as many garden birds to your outdoor space.

This item is now discontinued, please see here for alternatives

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