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Wheelie Bin Storage Hide

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Smart, tidy and nicely tucked away.

Double Wheelie Bin Storage


Size (cm): 122×146×92
Weight: 46.0 kg

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Wheelie Bin Storage Hide

Smart, tidy and nicely tucked away.

A double wheelie bin hide to ensure that your bins are discreet, and neat and tidy.

There are bi-fold lids to allow easy access to the bins when putting the rubbish out.

Each door is hinged, to allow one wheelie bin to be removed at a time.

Product Specification


Height 122cm. Width 146cm. Depth 92cm.

Made with pressure treated FSC timber.

The wood has been treated, so it has a 15 year anti-rot guarantee.

Assembly required, full instructions and fixings included.

It will take approx 2 hours to assemble the storage hide.

Pressure Treated items which are designed to be in the ground contact are impregnated with preservative, used to protect wood. The treatment is based on the use of copper combined with a co-biocide. Please note, if the treated timber is cut, notched or drilled, it is recommended that an effective cut end treatment be applied, as failure to do so may reduce effectiveness of the Pressure Treatment.

We recommend some annual after care, which will help protect the wood and make it more durable to ensure it lasts longer. Wood preservative treatment can protect all types of timber from discolouration and decay, as well as giving a constant all-year-round colour.

You can also use a recommended wood preservative paint to stain or paint the wood a different colour, providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Made in the UK

Delivery Information


Due to continued issues at the factory related to the Covid-19 pandemic, this item is not currently available/we are not confident of consistent supply of the item. Please email customer service to be put on a list to be contacted when it is available again. Please note that when it is available the price may alter so we cannot guarantee this.

We would rather be honest with customers and whilst you may find this item elsewhere the same inconsistency will probably apply.

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