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  • Gardens Illustrated - December 2022

Gardens Illustrated - December 2022

The Worm that Turned Featured in Gardens Illustrated December 2022

Christmas gift inspiration for the plant lover in your life

With Christmas day having come and gone, we were reminded of our delightful feature in Garden Illustrated’s recent Christmas edition. On display were some lovely pieces that any gardener or plant lover would love to receive as a gift.

Among them were a few wonderful pieces from our collection including these gorgeous copper tools:

The benefits of copper tools have been extolled over centuries, especially their ability to repel slugs and snails, who hate the feel of the material and the effect that it has on soil.

The strength of this effect is widely departed, but what isn’t debated is how stunning the metal looks. Additionally, the carefully crafted wooden handles are ergonomic, allowing you to garden without discomfort.

The Copper Plated Trowel, the Copper Plated Row Marker, and the Copper Plated Dibber are all available to purchase.

Further into the issue we have the Plantsmith Complete Houseplant Care Gift Set:

The care kit can be used on all houseplants and succulents and their fresh modern designs means they don't need to be hidden away.

And lastly, we have the Robin Roosting Nester:

The perfect rooster for robins, it provides somewhere warm and cosy for small garden birds like robins, wagtails and wrens to over winter in, before the nesting season starts in the spring.

Site the pockets somewhere sheltered in the garden, preferably facing between north and east so the roosting pocket is away from prevailing wet westerly winds, and sheltered from the strong sun. If you want to learn more, we have written a blog about the best bird nesters for you.

You can visit it here: "It's National Nest Box Week!".


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