Gold Leaf Gloves

Some of the best gardening gloves you can find and endorsed by the RHS

We believe that the Gold Leaf gloves are some of the best gardening gloves you can find. Made from deer hide which allows softness and dexterity, the 4 different styles Gold Leaf have been designed with the gardener's requirements in mind. One of the reasons they have been endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Soft Touch Gold Leaf glove fits very much like a driving glove, is snug and allows for a lot of movement - if you don't like wearing gloves because they restrict then this glove would be ideal. We also find it suits people with more arthritic hands as they are soft and comfortable to wear.

Tough Touch Gold Leaf glove is made from thicker deer hide and with the protective cuff is one of the best all purpose gloves we have found.

Dry Touch Gold Leaf gloves are designed to keep hands dry, and will retain their softness unlike many leather gardening gloves.

Finally the Winter Touch gloves have been designed with warmth and dryness in mind and are suitable for general outdoor tasks in the winter.

See the individual Gold Leaf gloves for further information.