Tough Touch Gloves

by Gold Leaf Gloves

  • £28.95
A gardening glove which is unsurpassed in terms of comfort, feel and durability, a truly luxurious and stylish pruning gauntlet. Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. read more
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Gold Leaf Tough Touch garden gloves are made from deer grain leather. They are very hard wearing, but the leather stays soft even after it has got wet. Black suede gauntlets shield the wrists and forearms.

Through its unique design, the Tough Touch gardening glove offers a high level of protection against thorns and alike, whilst retaining an incredible soft feel which results in very unusual dexterity for a glove so robust as this. This glove also offers exceptional comfort and warmth, with the added benefit of the gold grain leather being specially treated to offer resistance to water. An extended cuff which affords additional protection for the wrist and forearm adds to the overall appeal of this, quite superb gardening glove.

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