LS150 Sensor LED Floodlight

by Steinel

  • £140.40
This LED floodlight is powerful to illuminate large spaces effectively. read more
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This sensor-switched floodlight offers on-demand lighting for expansive outdoor spaces and surroundings. The wide 240° infrared sensor coverage spans up to 12 metres to detect movement and will provide heightened security and illumination.

Emitting an impressive 1486 lumens of light with a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin while using just 14.7 W, the LS150 LED Floodlight is both powerful and energy-efficient. It is ideal for illuminating large spaces with confidence.

There is no longer the need to change bulbs due to the 50,000 hours LED life, this works out at approximately 30 years of life with the light is on for about 4.5 hours per day.

The spotlight head on the floodlight can be swivelled horizontally by 80° and it can be vertically swivelled by 150°. The sensor on the light can also be swivelled horizontally by 160° to give precise adjustment of the detection area required.

Crafted from robust aluminium, this floodlight is built to withstand the elements.

If you need further guidance regarding Steinel lighting, take a look at our help page or call us on 0345 605 2505.

Since being founded in 1959, Steinel has consistently evolved as a pioneer to technology and innovation leader in the sensor-controlled lighting market. Their range of lights are designed with convenience, reliability and energy efficiency in mind.

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