XSolar SOL-O Sensor Downlight

by Steinel

  • £176.40
Be green but bright with these solar lights with a motion sensor function. read more
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The XSolar SOL-O Sensor outdoor light uses the power of the sun and does not need cables or installation.

The light will switch on automatically at twilight, with the photo-cell controller switching the LED lights on automatically in the evening and off again in the morning.

When the sensor detects movement the light will switch on to its full light intensity. The full light on switches on in response to movement.

The highly efficient LED system with 140 lumens of light ensures perfect lighting around the building.

The powerful lithium-iron-phospahe rechargeable batteries ensure light 365 days of the day. They also have light availability for 60 days.

The solar panel is made of mono-crystalline glass, this has a far higher efficiency than polycrystalline or amorphous solar panels.

The light also re-charges on cloudy days.

Choose from:

Anthracite finish.

Silver finish.

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