StoreMax Roller Shutter Box

The StoreMax by Biohort is a multi-purpose roller shutter box. Offering a maximum of storage room in a small compact space.

Compared to conventional storage solutions, StoreMax does not look "out of place" in front of your house or in the garden. Its understated design and the metallic silver finish gives it an exclusive and attractive appearance.

The StoreMax is the ideal outdoor shelter for bikes. Its rain-proof design means that bicycles, lawn mowers and other tools and devices can remain dry and safe even in winter. The integrated cylinder lock secures the content from unauthorised access. It is not only practical but also easy to assemble.

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  • StoreMax Roller Shutter Box

    Attractive storage solutions and suddenly everything looks different.


  • BioHort Shelf Set for StoreMax

    Easy to fit and space efficient


  • BioHort Corner Shelf Set for StoreMax

    Compact and practical


  • BioHort Intermediate Floor for StoreMax

    Intermediate floor for StoreMax

  • BikeHolder for StoreMax

    Safe and secure storage for your bikes


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