Battery Lighting

Versatile lighting

Battery powered lighting is a perfect solution for where you are unable to get power into your outdoor space. These lights are 100% portable, and can be used for all sorts of occasions. We have a wide range of battery powered lights; from decorative lamps for table settings, to ornamental string lighting ideal for creating ambiance. You can be sure you will have total control over how your outdoor space looks!

Safety and cost saving

By using battery powered lights, you are safe from the dangers that come with mains powered lighting. There is little risk of electric shock.


Furthermore, by using rechargeable batteries or USB-charged lamps you save greatly on your electricity bills. Many of our battery-run string lights come with an automatic 6 hour timer function for added energy efficiency and product longevity.

USB-charged lighting

We have a selection of battery lamps that are rechargeable by USB here at The Worm that Turned. These lamps come with a USB cable that can be plugged into any USB sockets, such as those found on computer or phone charger plugs, and are even more economical than alkaline battery lamps. Our selection of USB lamps include the Balad lamp by Fermob, which holds a charge of 7 to 12 hours from full charge.

Christmas lighting

Make your festive season extra special with our no-fuss, battery-run Christmas lights. We have a selection of battery string lights to illuminate outdoor Christmas trees or to decorate your house with. Because they do not require mains power, you are able to create an enchanting welcome exactly how you want to. The battery packs are designed to withstand wind, rain and snow, and so are perfect for potted plants.

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