Solar Lighting

Self-sufficiency and off-grid living

Solar lighting is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for self-sufficiency on top of the same flexibility you get with battery-powered lights. Harvested solar energy allows these lights to shine without you having to worry about battery or mains supply. Our solar powered lighting is especially suitable if you are looking to reduce the carbon footprint of your home and live more 'off-grid'.

Safety and cost saving

By using solar powered lights, you are safe from the dangers that come with mains powered lighting. There is little risk of electric shock. Most of the solar lamps we stock are self-contained and do not have external wiring, reducing the risk of tripping especially for children.


By using solar-powered lamps you will also make great savings on your electricity bill. Most solar lamps turn on automatically in low light.

Our top picks

Sun Jar Light - Bring sunshine to your garden, perfect for dark corners of the garden or for alfresco entertaining.


Solar Garden Path LED Lights - Illuminate your path or driveway with these stylish path lights by Germany-based company Steinel.


Cocoon Lantern - Lantern with an elegant design and warm glow perfect for alfresco entertainment.

Solar lighting development

The science behind solar powered lighting has come a long way since it was first noted by French physicist Edmond Becquerel in 1839. Solar panels previously used large silicon crystals which produced electricity when exposed to light, but it was too expensive compared to the cheaper crystals used today. The development of solar lighting, especially on the domestic scale, has by no means halted, as solar technology is constantly being improved on!

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