DeliVita Pizza Oven

About DeliVita

DeliVita was started by foodies Joe and Liv. They have always been passionate about handmade pizza, but quickly came to realise that there wasn't a domestic oven that was hot enough to make the perfect pizza. Wood-fired ovens were also generally too big, expensive and slow to reach the right temperature. DeliVita was born out of a need for a good wood-fired pizza oven that was small and portable (and stylish) enough for the home and garden.


Eat Together

DeliVita believe in eating together the Italian way. The DeliVita oven allows you to bring the process of simple, no-fuss making to the table so that it can be enjoyed by all your guests.


Never Leave the Party Again!

The DeliVita oven is made of fibreglass so that it is light and and can sit on any sturdy table. However if we also can supply a stand your oven.

Authentic Wood-fired Pizza

DeliVita pizza ovens are wood-fired, giving your artisan pizza that authentic, Italian flavour.


Handmade in Yorkshire

Joe and Liv designed the oven in collaboration with their Italian family, but while the design may be Italian, all DeliVita products are 100% British and handmade in Yorkshire.


Pizza Oven Accessories

DeliVita offers a range of stylish pizza equipment to go with your pizza oven. This range includes all the tools you need to make the perfect pizza, from pizza cutters and peelers, to aprons and a handy infrared oven thermometer. These can be bought individually, or as a collection (which includes dough!). Your guests will be impressed for sure! Click here to see the accessories we have to offer.


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