Fermob Colour Trends - Floral Getaway

This trend is a classic combination where fiery red meets nature’s green. These two strong colours complement each other well, and are a favourite for our gardens this year, especially with beautiful flowers to go alongside.

For a striking look, combine Cactus with Red Ochre as a base, and add splashes of other green and red tones in the palette such as Willow Green and Black Cherry. With a pop of Miel, you’ll have a statement outdoor area that is pleasing to the eye as well as on trend.

Accent with...

As this colour combination complements each colour beautifully, we recommend the Luxembourg Low Armchair and Low Duo Armchair in Red Ochre. Add some Trefle Cushions in varying sizes to create that inviting space, and complete the set with a Luxembourg Large Low Table in Cactus and Salsa Pedestal Table in Rosemary; you can never have too many places to place your drinks and snacks!

Lastly, remember to accessorise with the Aplo Lamp in Miel and Mooon! Table Lamp for when those lazy afternoons turn into cosy evenings.

Being able to work with this colour palette is a joy! Those strong colours allow us to create blocks of colours that can be accented with smaller accessories for that finishing touch. The Caractere Rectangle Table is a staff favourite, and paired with the Plein Air Chairs and Folding Armchairs you’ll have the perfect setting for a small gathering of friends and family.

Don’t forget to set that evening ambience with the Aplo Lamp and Set of 3 Mini Balad Lanterns in Miel.