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Fermob Furniture Colours and Finishes

A Unique Palette of 24 Colours for 2020

Fermob is the only name in the furniture industry to offer a wide range of colours as standard. Please note that colours may look different depending on your screen.

Please note for the 2020 season, Fermob are focusing on 16 key colours - these are part of the "Rapide" selection and are therefore available on a shorter lead time. The lead-time for furniture colours not in the Rapide selection and not already in stock with us (check products for details) has been extended to September when production of the colour will recommence.

If you’re unsure on any of the colours or finishes, we’re happy to send metal swatches of the actual colours. We can also create images of your colour choice working together. If this is something of interest, please call us on 0345 605 2505.

We highly recommend mixing and matching the colours, so click on the rectangle swatches on this page to learn what palettes work well.

If you are matching to existing furniture, please call us to discuss your best options as if your colour isn’t shown on this page, it’s likely to be discontinued - see here for details.

The majority of Fermobs metal furniture comes in 24 colours but when combined with OTF Fabric, the choice becomes more restrictive. Click here to learn more about OTF Fabric