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A unique palette of 24 colours

Fermob is the only name in the furniture industry to offer a wide range of colours as a standard. The range of colours available for 2018 is featured below. Please note that colours will look different depending on the screen you are using, so if you are in any doubt please call us on 0345 6052505 to discuss the colour in more detail. We are very happy to send you metal and fabric swatches of the actual colours on a loan basis if you are in any doubt as to your colour choice and '3D' representations of colours working together. Alternatively why not come and see them in our showroom?

There are “recommended colours” for each range and these are shown on our product pages. Please note that the recommended colours should not be considered as necessarily restrictive and most products can be ordered (subject to quantity minimums and price supplements) in any RAL colour standard. Please contact us for further details.

The Fermob colours come in 2 different finishes, either satin finish or a matt finish. The colour chart below shows which colour comes in which finish. If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us.

However there are some ranges that include fabrics which have a limited colour selection such as Costa. In this instance all the colours for the collection are available to order and will be listed with the note "limited colours available”.

Please note that in 2012 Black was replaced by Liquorice and in 2011 Fermob refreshed the Cedar Green colour. If you are matching to an existing furniture please call us to discuss your best options as you may be better to choose another colour entirely. If you have a colour that isn't shown here, then it is likely to be discontinued. The colour might still be available if only recently removed. Please phone 0345 6052505 for our advice.

The availability of a colour depends highly on the materials used for the product. The furniture made of steel, iron or aluminium is available in the 24 Fermob colours under the conditions previously described.
Furniture combining metal and OTF (a polyester, pvc coated Fabric specially designed for outdoors) is only available in the 18 colours existing in the OTF range shown below:

For all Furniture queries please phone our furniture help line on 0345 6052505. We will be delighted to help you.

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