Fermob Colour Trends - Winter Poetry

With Winter comes colder temperatures, wrapping up warm, and staying indoors, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the aesthetically pleasing and soothing colour palette that comes with our coldest season.

Peering out of the window after a snowfall reveals a captivating sight: a pristine blanket of snow sprawled across the landscape. It's impossible not to be enchanted, as if transported to a different world.

The white expanse beautifully contrasts with the deep blacks and soft greens, truly embracing the essence of winter.

Fermob colours perfectly capture the stark beauty of Winter by mixing Cotton White with Anthracite and/or Liquorice for a full monochromatic look. Alternatively, you can also accent with the softer greys of Lapilli Grey and Storm Grey, and even Rosemary for a softer, blended style.

Accent with...

Enjoy conversation with guests on this Sixties set in Cotton White. The Sixties Stackable Chairs make for easy tidy up if need be, and the matching Sixties Sofa provide more seating spaces.

The Lorette Outdoor Cushion in Liquorice, along with the Evasion Outdoor Cushions in Etna add comfort, and complement the colour palette well.

The Croisette Low Table in Liquorice provide practical surfaces for mugs or glasses, and shape completes this combination.

Lastly, remember to accessorise with an Aplo Lamp in Anthracite, and a Medium Balad 25cm Lamp with Small Balad Lamp Stand to keep your evenings flowing.

For dining, we recommend the Cargo Table that seats 8 comfortably, with Bistro Metal Chairs. It gives you the opportunity to mix and match Cotton White, Lapilli Grey, Anthracite and Liquorice around the table.

Don’t forget to set that evening ambience with the Set of 3 Mini Balad Lanterns in Anthracite on Trefle Trivets in Lapilli Grey. The finishing touch is the Aplo Lamp and the Aplo Lamp Stand in Liquorice.

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