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Metalbird began life as a 'guerrilla' art project in 2009; creator Phil Walters had the bright idea of making metal silhouettes of local birds, and (legally) staking them to unexpected spots around a small neighbourhood in New Zealand.

Residence and visitors were intrigued by the appearance of these metal birds, and soon began to ask how they could acquire one for their own gardens and outdoor spaces.

Join the global art project

Metalbird has since grown into a global art project, which you are invited to be a part of. Choose from a range of designs featuring the silhouettes of birds local to the UK. Simply pin to a tree or hardwood post to inject fun and individuality into your outdoor space, and enjoy your new garden companions.

The birds are made from long lasting premium corten steel and will not require any maintenance.

Installing your metal bird

The design boasts simplicity and is easy to install without any fuss. Simply pick a spot, place the pointed end against the spot, and tap it into place with a hammer as shown below.

If the wood into which you have chosen to install your metalbird is tough, drill a hole a little smaller than the spike and then hammer the metal bird into place firmly to make sure there is no movement.

Britsh made British birds

These lovely birds are manufactured in a small family-owned factory in Wickford. The birds are precision cut and hand-finished to ensure what you receive is of the top quality. They are truly the perfect gift for the ones you love.

The Metalbird is made from premium corten steel which will naturally weather to form a beautiful, timeless rust-orange finish. The corten steel is easy-care and naturally sealing.

FAQ - Will it hurt my tree?

While any break in bark exposes the tree to the risk of infection, we have on good authority that the Metalbird does not adversely affect the tree, so long as the Metalbird is driven firmly into its trunk. The experts say that the tree will seal around the hole to protect itself from disease.

Metalbird installed their original birds about a decade ago, and the trees they are in are still flourishing to this day.

FAQ - Will it scare away other birds?

No, they will not - in fact the Metalbird forms a nice perch for other birds to rest on!

FAQ - Can I paint Metalbirds?

This is not recommended as the Metalbird is made of corten steel. Once the weathering process has started it will cause any superficial paint to flake and fall off.

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If you have any questions or want to find out more about Metalbird, do get in touch, we will try our best to help you.

Call on 0345 605 2505, or drop us an email at, whatever you prefer.

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