Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Top quality, clean logs and kindling. Perfect for open fires, outdoor cooking and log burners read more

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Hardwood logs in a choice of Seasoned Hardwood or Kiln Dried Hardwood and Kindling too. Supplied in handy reusable jute sacks.

As a carbon neutral resource, burning firewood helps us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. All the Kiln Dried Hardwoods and Seasoned Hardwoods are native hardwood logs, taken from established deciduous trees like the oak, elm, alder, beech, silver birch, and sycamore on sustainable British woodland. They are a wonderful all-round choice, creating a natural flame, authentic aroma and enduring burn time.

Also available is jute sacked Kindling.

Your fire needs to build up over time, so it’s important to set it well, whether it's for your pizza oven, outdoor cooking stove, or open fire.

Using smaller pieces of wood that burn underneath logs is the best way to guarantee a sustainable fire. You’ll often find that the most effective kindling comes from beech, elm, pine, ash and hawthorn trees.

If you have a pizza oven, Kiln Dried Hardwood is essential. It burns hotter than other wood, which means your oven comes up to a higher cooking temperature much sooner.

Made in the East Midlands from fallen or coppiced trees. Please call if you require a quotation for larger '1 tonne sack' loads.

This is currently no longer available, please contact us for details of logs.

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