Motion Sensor Cylindrical Up/Down Outdoor Lights

by Steinel

  • £181.20
Slim and efficient; the perfect up/down LED light for your outdoor space. read more
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Light can be more than a source of brightness. The Motion Sensor Cylindrical Up/Down Light stylishly lights the outside of your home with understated illumination. A modern design is combined with pioneering technology and maximum efficiency to develop the perfect light for porches and the front of buildings.

The in-built infrared sensor has an angle coverage of 180 degrees and you can select a reach of either 5m or 12m. The passive infrared sensor can be adjusted so that when activated, the light turns on for 2 minutes or 15 minutes.

A manual override allows you to switch the light on or off via a connected light switch for up to 4 hours.

Six different programmes allow you to find the perfect setting for you. This light has a variable twilight setting, allowing you to decide how dark it needs to be before the light will be switched on, even if motion is detected.

An 9.8W LED Light is included which has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

It is possible to have a simultaneous operation of interconnected lights.

If you need further guidance regarding Steinel lighting, take a look at our help page or call us on 0345 605 2505.

Since being founded in 1959, Steinel has consistently evolved as a pioneer to technology and innovation leader in the sensor-controlled lighting market. Their range of lights are designed with convenience, reliability and energy efficiency in mind.

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