Peanut Butter for Birds

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Soft, smooth yummy peanut butter, specially formulated for garden birds, is a real treat for them during winter months and during the rest of the year too.

Your birds can be really spoilt - choose from 3 varieties; the plain peanut butter, the delicious fruity variety, or the yummy buggy peanut butter - the birds love all three!

To hold the food, try a delightful little house for it that holds one jar of special birdy peanut butter, simply fix the feeder on to a wall or fence, unscrew the lid and watch the little birds, like blue tits and robins, have their peanut butter treat. It is amazing to see the birds clean out the whole jar with not a knife in sight!

For hungry birds, try the Gourmet Bird Feeding Station.

Site the feeder near a window so you can get a good view!

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