Kindling Wood Sledge Hammer

  • £29.95
Use this kindling sledge hammer to safely make your own kindling wood. read more
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The kindling sledge hammer is the ideal mallet to help you spilt and make kindling with the Kindling Cracker™ firewood splitter.

The Kindling Cracker™ firewood splitter is ones of the safest and easiest ways in the world to cut kindling and you will be super impressed with how much easier it is to do.

To make your own kindling easily all you need is some wood the Kindling Wood Sledge Hammer and a Kindling Cracker™ firewood splitter, see here.

To split a piece of wood, place it inside of the frame and strike it with a sturdy mallet or the Kindling hammer.

It is the perfect way to make the best kindling for your log fire, pizza oven, or campsite BBQ's.

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