Spud Gift Set

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Potato Harvesting Scoop with Jute sack for storage. read more
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A new take on the traditional tool used for harvesting potatoes without spearing your fork through them.
A bar at the end of the tines protects the potatoes and allows the potatoes to be sifted from the soil. Forged from stainless steel with a hardwood handle.

When harvesting, loosen the soil around the base of the plants first, then lift them up from the ground.
After harvesting potatoes, remember to leave them lying on the top of the soil for a few hours to dry off in the sun. Then brush off any excess soil and discard any that have been damaged.

Store in the potato bag which is made from robust burlap fabric with cotton inner to allow the potatoes to be kept properly aired.

The cord allows the bag to be opened for filling and drawn closed.

A sturdy zipper on the side serves for easy removal of potatoes.

With a small potato design on the front, just as a reminder of what's inside.

Store the sack in a cool, dark place.

Remember - you don't need to harvest all your potatoes at the same time.

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