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  • 16 Cool Essentials to help you through Heatwaves

16 Cool Essentials to help you through Heatwaves

From new Ceiling Fans to Sun Loungers - some ideas to consider for your outdoor space

Hopefully this one won't be as hot as the last, but irrespective of that, climate change means we will see more extreme weather in the summers to come.

Help! How will we cope?

We have compiled a list from our collections that you could consider in your plans.


Ahrendale Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light (6973751689276)

1. Ceiling Fans

  • 17 different styles with or without lights.
  • 3 or 6 speed options to keep air moving.
  • IP Rated for indoor and out.

    Not the rickety thing we might remember from our childhood but back with a vengeance, now stylish and twice as useful. Install in a covered outdoor porch or conservatory. Cheaper to install than air-conditioning.

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    Galvanised Thermometer (4646605520956)

    2. Thermometers 

    • Temperature measurement up to 60° - surely not?!
    • 18 different styles and sizes.
    • Also available as part of outdoor clocks too.

      Knowing just how hot it got in the shade is a subject you'll want to discuss endlessly with friends and neighbours.

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      Fatboy Parasols (4650579984444)

      3. Parasols

      • Choices of over 50 stunning colours.
      • Extend and move your shaded areas to wherever suits you.
      • Remember the perfect base to keep it standing! In the wrong wind a parasol is like a sail.

        Offering you the choice of where to have the shaded areas of your space and give you some respite for when the sun is at its strongest.

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        Dot Outdoor Rectangular Carpet (4723736870972)

        4. Outdoor Rugs

        • Resilient yet soft materials let you keep them outside all year round.
        • Protect up to 12mof your outdoor space.
        • Match your style with our extensive range of colours and patterns.

          Perfect for protecting bare feet from the hot patio or for setting up the very best sunbathing location.

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          Frame Trolley (4649244327996)

          5. Barware  

          • Add the finishing touches to your garden bar with over 25 styles of bar stools.
          • Serving trolleys and high tables to compliment the look for your guests.
          • Be the perfect bartender with outdoor accessories.

            The drinks are on us with a refreshing array to keep the vibe flowing on a hot day.

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            6. Raised Beds 

            • Don't get in a sweat tending your plants! 
            • Find the perfect fit with a variety of shapes and sizes.
            • Support your plants through extraordinary weather.

              Raised beds hold the moisture in the ground better in periods of hot weather in addition to making it easier to take care of your plants.

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              Perfect Day! Ceramic Mug (6904265441340)

              7. Keep Hydrated 

              • Hot drinks cool the body down!
              • Tea is the answer to everything in life.
              • Drink as much as you can.

                Stay refreshed but get yourself a porcelain mug for a perfect day in the sun.

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                Headdemock Pillows (6781782458428)

                8. Hammocks

                • Instant relaxation when the heat is too much. And you can move it to find shade.
                • 12 colours to compliment your style.
                • Help your body and mind recover in a way countries that are used to the heat have done for centuries.

                  Swing lazily, perhaps under a parasol, with a book or a G&T when it's just too hot for anything else.

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                  Temple To-Go Solar Lantern (6965984297020)

                  9. Solar Lights

                  • Provide an atmospheric setting when the sun starts to dip.
                  • Use the power of the sun rather than your own.

                    If the day was too hot, the chances are the evening will be just right. Stay out longer without making the planet hotter.

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                    Olla Terracotta Irrigation Pot (6647778345020)

                    10. Save Water

                    • Avoid using the tap or hose.
                    • Planter in the lid: an attractive alternative to boring water butts.
                    • Conveniently placed tap for easy use.

                      Heatwaves can inevitably lead to a gardeners worst nightmare: a hosepipe ban. Conserving water will keep the your favourite plants and the neighbours green with envy!

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                      Self-Watering Inserts for Indoor Plant Pots (7149967081532)

                      11. Going Away?

                      • Easy and simple to use in a pinch.
                      • A hands-off solution to make sure your indoor plants stand a chance. 
                      • Transparent design that won't detract from your plant.

                        As they drink more in the heat, this helpful globe will dispense just the right amount of water so you don't have to worry about over or under-watering your plants.

                        Shop the collection.


                        Canvas Doorstops (4647939768380)

                        12. Doorstops 

                        • Hold that door open and create a airflow!
                        • A versatile aesthetic that blends well with a rustic or modern style.

                          Keeping a steady flow of air is vital for keeping cool during a heatwave. Our range of doorstops ensure you stylishly maintain a revitalising breeze.

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                          Glazed Bird Bath with Birds (4653150994492)

                          13. Bird Baths

                          • Don't forget our feathered friends.
                          • Hanging, dish and pedestal baths to suit your space.
                          • Just add water - and keep topped up from your water butt!

                            It's not just us who suffer in the heat. Take care of our vulnerable visitors by giving them a place to rest their wings and rehydrate.

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                            Kay Sun Lounger (4652148391996)

                            14. Sunloungers 

                            • Flake out on one of over 50 loungers.
                            • Not just for the pool, but essential if you have one.

                              Sunbathe in the utmost comfort with a margarita in one hand and a fan in the other. Our loungers will let you soak up some vitamin D and get your perfect summer tan.

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                              Haws Warley Fall Galvanised Professional Watering Can - 2 Gallon (7163338489916)

                              15. Watering

                              • Useable and vital for key plants when a hosepipe ban is in force.
                              • Fill from your water butt when you can.
                              • From 0.7 to 5 litre sizes.

                                Top tip: do your watering first or last thing - never in the heat of the day.

                                Shop the collection.


                                16. Be Prepared 

                                • If you have to be mobile, be a good Boy Scout and take a portable recliner with you.
                                • No pump required.
                                • Seats up to 2 people.

                                  The perfect summer accessory for glamping, festivals and picnics. 

                                  Shop the collection.

                                  Cool Heads

                                  Please let us know your top tips for helping you thrive in your outdoor space or products you would like to see more of.



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