The Worm that Turned

we're proud to put our name to them.

Designed and developed with gardeners in mind - and not just to look good but to be useful too, all tried and tested by us.

Some of our favourites: The Gardener's half apron is a comfortable and easy to wear apron, with pockets to keep tools, twine, tissues.. and a whole host of stuff you need to to have to hand in the garden or potting shed. In fact comfortable enough to wear all day.

The Revitalising Garden Bag not only comes with key essential tools, but is roomy and sturdy enough to keep lots of other useful clobber - think of it as a portable garden shed!

The Twine Holder is useful to tie round your waist when lots of tying up is needed and there is no where to hang the spool. Saves constant bending down to retrieve scissors and twine.