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  • Fermob Trends 2024 - Amber Embrace

Fermob Trends 2024 - Amber Embrace

Warm up your winter with this Fermob Colour Trend!
Fermob Trends 2024 - Amber Embrace: Luxembourg Collection


The darkness of the winter seems endless as you move into the new year, but with Fermob's colour trend, Amber Embrace, it allows you to indulge in the red and brown tones from the first sun we see.

In this colour palette, we see the ever bright and wonderful Miel with the steady Red Ochre and Black Cherry. While these are classically complementary, adding in softer hues such as Nutmeg and Gingerbread can vary the feel of the palette, but will ultimately bring brightness to your outdoor space amongst the greens.

Colours in this trend...

Miel Nutmeg Gingerbread

Accent with...

Black Cherry Red Ochre Chili


With the use of Nutmeg as a main colour, you can accent with Miel and Black Cherry as shown in this example:

Lorette Collection: Lorette Armchairs, Lorette Low Round Table, with Mooon! 41cm Outdoor Table Lamp and Guinguette Perforated Side Table

While you may want to start off on a smaller scale, you can always use smaller items to add to sets that use the reds as the main colour. Here, the image shows the use of bright, yellow saucers to pop against the Black Cherry Bellevie Table. We recommend using accessories such as stackable Alto Trays, Aplo Lamps, or Fermob Placemats in the Amber Embrace palette to keep on trend.

Bellevie Collection: Bellevie Dining Tables 74 x 80cm and Bellevie Outdoor Armchair in Black Cherry

Medium Alto Tray by Fermob Aplo Lamp Fermob Placemats


For those with wonderfully deep, red brick walls you can accent your outdoor space with pops of Miel, and the mix of tonally red Fermob accessories, the Oulala Set of 3 Nesting Tables and Tall Basket Planter, can complement alongside.

Don't forget: here at The Worm that Turned we offer a free design service to bring you visions to life. If you're not quite sure how your chosen piece(s) of furniture will look in your outdoor space, we can advise, create and design 3D images similar to this one below.

Luxembourg Collection: Luxembourg Low Armchair and Luxembourg Lounge Chair in Gingerbread with Oulala Set of 3 Nesting Tables in Black Cherry, Red Ochre and Chili, Trefle Cushion (44cm x 44cm) in Honey, Medium Balad 25cm Lamp with Small Balad Lamp Stand in Miel, and Tall Basket Planter in Black Cherry

★ Top Tip

Mix and match Miel, Nutmeg and Gingerbread for a softer combination, but add the reds of the Fermob palette for the true Amber Embrace.

For more information about this trend, visit the Amber Embrace Colour Trend Page.


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