Fermob's NEW Colour for 2023!

A brand new colour using an innovative technique to combine two grey tones into a speckled finish.

Meet Lapilli Grey!

A brand new finish yet to be available on the outdoor furniture market, this colour uses a unique, innovative technique that combines two grey tones into one sublime speckled finish.

Lapilli Grey sits comfortably between Storm Grey and Clay Grey, and has been designed to provide reassuring stability, durability and tranquility, making it equally comfortable among industrial styled furniture and neutral tones.

This colour is evocative of the strength of the rocks found around volcanoes and yet fits seamlessly into the everyday urban-chic style. Depending on the light Lapilli Grey can reflect different hues, giving new depth to the textured finish.

Lapilli Grey, Clay Grey, Liquorice, Rosemary, Cactus Colour Palette

Colour Palette: Liquorice, Clay Grey, Lapilli Grey, Rosemary, Willow Green

We have found that Lapilli Grey looks at its best among the other subtle Fermob colours, such as Liquorice, Clay Grey, Rosemary and Willow Green, or when offsetting and complementing more vibrant colours.

Luxembourg Garden Bench in Lapilli Grey
Luxembourg Garden Bench in Lapilli Grey

Throughout their history, Fermob have sought to innovate with their colour palette to create truly special colours that can combine beautifully or be used by themselves. True to form, Lapilli Grey is not just a useful foil for existing colours. It can, and does work as a standalone colour. Its speckled finish creates a truly unique texture that reacts to different lighting, creating an understated elegance.

Demonstrated by the Bistro Collection, it is easy to see that with the right pairing, Lapilli Grey is a perfect and timeless way of producing added depth and texture to your furniture set.


Bistro Collection: Bistro Chairs in Lapilli Grey, Bistro 60cm Round Table in Acapulco Blue

Accessories: Small Balad Lamp Stand with Lamp in Cactus, 2 x Medium Balad 25cm Lamp in Cactus, and a Bebop Side Table in Lapilli Grey

Find out more about the new Lapilli Grey by Fermob >


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