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  • Gardens Illustrated - September 2023

Gardens Illustrated - September 2023

'For carrying, organising and storing your garden tools and equipment'

Fantastically versatile, and with plenty of storage space, the Industrial Shelf Tidy Unit is perfect for keeping your general clutter organised.

This unit is easy to install and includes 5 hooks, 1 large zinc tray, and 2 wire baskets. It would be a great addition to your potting shed, or even in the home.

'Make and entrance with one of these stylish feature arches'

That final finishing touch for your garden would be wonderful with an arch. The Whitby Arch boasts a gentle curve upwards into a simple and clean cross over at the top.

The thick slats provide the option for training climbing plants which can eventually grow into a lovely shaded area.

At a height of 2m, and pressure treated to last for 15 years, the Whitby Arch would be a fantastic addition to your green outdoor space.

Featured in the September issue of Gardens Illustrated, the Industrial Shelf Tidy Unit and the Whitby Arch are both available below:

Shop the Industrial Shelf Tidy Unit

Shop Whitby Arches


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