Going Green in the Garden

Just you wait...It's easier than you think!

Learning to behave in a more environmentally conscious way can be a little daunting, we get it. However, sustainable gardening is becoming increasingly popular, more accessible and it's definitely a practice we at The Worm that Turned are on board with.

It's entirely possible and much easier than you think to live a greener way in the garden. Whether you're reducing water usage, growing your own fruit and veg or making your own compost, every little DOES help.

The Worm that Turned has a fantastic range of products available so your garden can thrive sustainably, and you can do your bit to save our planet.


One effective way to tackle the environmental crisis is through limiting water usage from your mains supply.

By implementing the use of a waterbutt to collect rainwater, and using this rather than your mains supply to water your garden, you can easily reduce your household carbon footprint.

Our popular Water Butt and Flower Planter is a fantastic way to collect rainwater to later reuse on watering plants or even washing your car. Reusing water in this way is brilliant for the environment and not to mention it’ll save on the water meter cost.

The great and unique feature about our Water Butt is that you can add a personal touch by growing your favourite flowers in the planter included.

You can even save up to 70% of your garden water consumption with our Olla Terracotta Irrigation Pot. Simply bury the Irrigation Pot between your plants under the soil, fill it with water and allow it to provide a consistent level of moisture to your plant roots.

It's such an easy and innovative way to control and reduce your water usage.


Have you ever tried making your own compost? Making home-grown compost is an easy and manageable way to help the environment, it’s also far more cost effective for you than store-bought compost. So, why not have a go?

Try our Stainless Steel Composting Pail? Simply throw in your fruit peelings and tea bags and once the pail is full, place in our Composter with Spiral Obelisk or on a compost heap. Return to it a couple months later and you will be blessed with the most nutritious compost.

Our Jute Leaf Composting Sacks are an easy method of composting. Simply pick up any fallen leaves that have landed on your lawn and store them in the sack - absolutely perfect for this time of year! Return back to them next year and you’ll have a rich and organic compost.

Become self-sufficient

A fantastic and fun way to be more green is by growing your own fruit and veg. It’s commonly misunderstood that planting your own produce can only be done in spring/summer - believe it or not, now is a perfectly good time to start on your winter vegetables. They could be ready even before a remake of that classic sitcom 'The Good Life' hits our screens.

At The Worm that Turned, we have a selection of the best hand-held harvesting tools, including the Vegetable Harvesting Knife, which is perfect for retrieving your winter spinach and cauliflower.

Check out the artisan made Royal Sussex Gardening Trug for harvesting in style. This traditional Trug, originally designed by the Anglo Saxons, was later reinvented in 1820 by Thomas Smith, using Sweet Chesnut & Cricket Bat Willow.

In 1851, Smiths design was praised (and purchased) by Queen Victoria, where she awarded him a Royal Warrant, hence the trugs name.

Still to this day, the Royal Sussex Trugs are still almost completely crafted in traditional ways, and of course, still in Sussex.

Want to be more self-sufficient? Our Italian Seed Selection contains 5 easy to grow vegetables: Courgette, Borlotti Beans, Basil, Lettuce, Rocket. Get started on the Lettuce and Rocket now and become an expert in time for next summer.

Why not also check out our Brexit Vegetable Growing Survival Kit containing a selection of 12 easy to grow vegetable and salad seeds, including carrots, pumpkin, kale and tomatoes.

Helping Lovely Wildlife

Natural wildlife is increasingly being threatened due to habitat loss and climate change. Fear not, The Worm that Turned has a range of products available to help create a wildlife friendly garden both you and those little critters are looking for.

Spread the movement with some guerilla gardening!

Our range of Seedboms have been carefully curated with pollinating flower seeds that our butterflies and bees are guaranteed to love. Watch wildlife scurry to your garden once you’ve planted these beautiful pollinators.

And you can even give your friendly garden bees a safe haven with the Flip Top Solitary Bee hive? Specifically designed to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason Bee, Leafcutter Bee and other solitary bees, they are naturally attracted to holes in wood. The solitary beehive provides a habitat that has become harder to find in modern gardens.

Gifting sustainably

With the importance of sustainability increasing, why not gift a loved one something considerate for both them and our planet? Come on, lets spread the word!

Our Culinary Kitchen Seed Set allows you to grow a range of herbs, salad items & even herbal tea all from your own back garden! This will lower reliance on supermarkets, which in turn means less trips to the shops, therefore limiting your contribution to air pollution - it doesn’t get much better than that.

A lovely and thoughtful gift for a green gardener, our Grow Your Greens Garden Gift set is complete with a traditional wooden trug, vegetable harvesting knife, a spool of jute twine, a hank of raffia, a packet of mixed salad seeds and packet of courgette seeds.

It’s perfect for spreading the message of sustainable gardening and becoming self-sufficient, whether you’re an avid vegetable grower, or a novice in the garden.

Take a look at our range of planet-friendly gardening tools and equipment here, and comment below on how you're working on becoming a greener gardener!


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