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  • My Early Mornings with the Fox Cubs

My Early Mornings with the Fox Cubs

30 Days Wild Day 2. Fox Watching

In the tranquil early hours of morning, I find solace in my garden. Bathed in the gentle morning light, surrounded by blissful birdsong, I am at my most relaxed. On occasion, I can see gorgeous garden friends visiting me, so I always have my camera in-hand. One of my favourite visitors is the fox, their soft warm fur always looks gorgeous in the morning Sun.

30 Days Wild Day 2. Fox Watching

To invite foxes into my garden, I provide enticing treats and a water source. They can't resist being pampered, granting me the privilege of close encounters. Respecting their wild nature, I capture their essence, framing their unique features against the familiar backdrop of their surroundings.

30 Days Wild Day 2. Fox Watching

Photographing foxes demands patience and understanding of their habits. Like all animals, they like pose for the perfect picture right up until the moment you get the camera out - then they turn all shy again. But by waiting, I am able to witness their playful antics and cautious expressions.


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