The Times - June 2023

The Times - '12 ways to improve your front door'

'An entrance makeover has the potential not just to wow guests, but to change how you feel each time you return'

With the desire to host summer parties and gatherings, your personality can shine even before they've come in!

The Classic Cast Iron Doorbell is a wonderful way to make a statement for anyone coming to your door. The detailed curves are highlighted by the beautifully deep brown of the cast iron; perfect for that vintage look.

The Classic Cast Iron Doorbell can also be used to call the kids in at dinner time!

Featured in the article "12 ways to improve your front door" on The Times website, this Classic Cast Iron Doorbell gives a satisfyingly loud ring, and is ideal for those wanting a timeless feel. It is also simple to install, and is a lovely wireless option for a doorbell.

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