Fire Lighter Starter Set

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What better way to light your fire... and don't get left in dark with nature. read more
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The perfect fire lighting tool to have to hand when foraging, camping or just ready for those impromptu BBQ's. This ingenious fire starter tool has a multi purpose striking tool which has a map scale, serrated scraper, bottle opener and hex wrench all in one.

Ideal to keep ready to hand in your pocket for all eventualities.

This fire steel makes lighting fires easy in any weather, its dependability makes it ideal for gardeners or those that undertake camping/fishing trips as it works equally well when wet.

With a sturdy handle it is the perfect fire-starter and can be used to light campfires and start off the garden bonfire without the need to traipse indoors for the matches.

The firefighter is easy to use, have your kindling or natural firelighters ready, then strike the steel flint away from you using the striker, aiming the sparks at the kindling material... then as all good boy scouts will tell you once you have a flame on your kindling slowly build your fire with small pieces of kindling wood until it has a good flame, then build up the fire with large pieces of wood.

What better way to light your fire... and cook by the campfire.

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