Fermob Idoles Collection

One more chapter in this industrial success story, as strong as the metal that makes it.

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Bernard Reybier, CEO Fermob took Fermob over in 1989 and was convinced that to develop the company, then a small ironworks, he would need some creative talent. Pascal Mourgue, Patrick Jouin, Andrée Putman and many others came to serve this ambition, giving Fermob an international reputation with iconic references : from the Jardins du Luxembourg to Harvard and Times Square, including Royaumont Abbey and the Wanderlust in Paris.

Fermob Idoles is the result neither of a fad nor opportunism. He wanted to make use of the choices that had made the company a success – recognition of the added value of design, the need for simplicity and the importance of the manufacturer’s know-how – and so make accessible, especially for recommendation projects, the fruit of Fermob's past and present work with signatures that either were or have become recognised.