Kadai Care Kit

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Keep your Kadai in good condition, smart and clean. read more
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The Kadai fire-bowls take on a natural oxidised finish, this is part of its character and part of the natural process of ageing.

However, to extend the life of your Kadai we recommend that the bowl is coated with Owatrol oil once a year.

How to use the care kit:

Use the abrasive pad to periodically remove loose rust and dust, but not any firm rust - the Osatrol oil adheres to this and will penetrate best in these areas.

Using the brush apply the Owatro oil inside and out, to protect and cure the bowl.

Then using the cotton cloths rub the wet Owatrol oil to spread it out evenly and remove any excess. When dry the Kadai with have a matt oiled finish.

Use the Kadai beads in the base of the Kadai when you come to use the Kadai again.

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