Metal Guru

  • No need to paint! With 4 great colours, a Biohort garden store would mean no hours spent painting.

  • Thanks to the galvanising and enamel finish, the metal will remain durable for generations. Read more about Biohorts 20 year guarantee here.

  • The steel used by Biohort will not deform, and will remain in shape for years.

  • Good quality steel is good value and although the steel price can fluctuate the quality is better than ever.

  • The colour of the steel remains attractive for years, and if your shed does get dirty it’s so easy to clean - even with a pressure washer!

  • The hot dipped galvanised, polyamide enamel coated steel used by Biohort is fireproof, in accordance with EN 13501-1 (Class “A1).

Wood can be good, but...

  • Painting wood can be very time consuming - not only can it cost quite a bit of money, but it can also be rather annoying!

  • Although it can be treated beforehand, when wood gets damp and particularly when it stays damp, it can begin to rot after a few years.

  • Wood expands and contracts due to weather conditions and as a result doors can split and jam due to this expansion.

  • Good outdoor woods like teak and oak are expensive, and although the silver-grey patina they develop is natural, it is not to everyone's taste.

  • Painted or varnished surfaces must be repeatedly treated - if left, it can become unsightly.

  • Wood burns very easily, meaning the use of wood is not advisable in areas when fire is an issue.

And thus, in conclusion, although wood is a good material to use in many areas (especially living space and interiors) for sheds and storage units that have to withstand the elements outdoors, all year-round, metal is clearly the better choice!

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