Biohort Quality

Biohort Quality

Biohort has a quality first approach throughout its range and this is what we look for in outdoor products. Although the UK climate is relatively benign compared to others, the outdoor climate can be punishing. Products need to be well designed, well made and use quality materials. The use of top quality materials ensures that Biohort can confidently offer a 20-year guarantee against corrosion. We explore here some of the facets to the Biohort quality with links to further information.


Biohort garden and tool sheds are manufactured from steel plate with double the thickness compared to low-cost manufacturers. This ensures very high stability (snow loads of 150 kg/m2). A wind tunnel test conducted by the Vienna university of Technology in Austria confirmed that Biohort garden sheds can withstand the highest level on the Beaufort-scale (Force 12 = wind speed of 150km/h) without any problems. Optimally designed profiles and the use of stainless steel threaded screws further contribute to the durability of their products.

Wood v Metal

Naturally both wood and metal are great materials, however each have pro's and cons, especially outdoors. To understand why Biohort believe that metal is just the best material for storage solution outdoors see here.

Top Quality Materials

Biohort uses only the best materials to manufacture its products. For painted parts, hot-dipped galvanized steel plate with a thick protective zinc coating of a least 150g/m2 and an additional 'enamel coating' of polyamide or polyester are used. The high-quality steel plate supplied by the Austrian and German steelworks are also used by premium German automobile manufacturers.

Screws & Hinges

Low-cost manufacturers use screws and fittings made of galvanized metal, which results in corrosion damage after a few years. Biohort stands for uncompromising quality: Biohort steel plate is not only hot dipped galvanized (very thick, protective zinc coating) but also multi-layer polyamide coated. Screws/nuts, as well as fittings, are made of stainless steel.

Solid Foundations

For many customers, preparing a suitable foundation presents a considerable challenge. The cost of preparing a concrete foundation is often more expensive than the shed itself and the construction is time consuming. Nonetheless a structure is often only as good as the foundation you have prepared for it. Biohort have developed not only guidance for this but also some ingenious solutions.

Ground Screw

The patented Biohort ground screw foundation in comparison is quickly assembled and perfectly matched so that assembly of the shed can begin immediately. An integrated water barrier ensures no rain water enters your shed; the adapters compensate for uneven surfaces and gentle slopes. The aluminium floor panels provide a tough, hard-wearing base for the shed. For more information about the ground screw foundation see here.

Other Solutions

Of course the ground screw is not the only solution to creating an ideal surface for your structure and the alternatives are shown here.