Top-quality materials ensure a lifetime free of maintenance

Biohort uses only the best materials to manufacture its products. For painted parts, hot-dipped galvanized steel plate with a thick protective zinc coating of a least 150 g/m2 and an additional 'enamel coating' of polyamide or polyester are used. The high-quality steel plate supplied by the Austrian and German steelworks are also used by premium German automobile manufacturers. The use of such top quality materials ensures that Biohort can confidently offer a 20-year guarantee against corrosion. However the prerequisites are, that no aggressive substances (e.g. chlorine, salt, etc.) are stored in our products and that there are no aggressive environmental conditions present; e.g. proximity to the sea or the influence of road salt. For more detailed terms see below and please call us if any doubt:


Duration and beginning of the guarantee
- The guarantee for Biohort products is granted for a period of 20 years.
- The period of guarantee begins on the date of invoice. Replacements made for reasons covered by the guarantee do not lead to an extension of the original guarantee period.

Conditions for the guarantee
- The Biohort product was purchased from a Biohort distribution partner.
- The assembly and construction was carried out competently and in accordance with the accompanying assembly instructions.
- The Biohort product was used for the storage of garden tools, garden furniture, bicycles etc. and not for purposes other than that for which it was intended.
- The Biohort product is in the possession of the original purchaser and has not been dismantled and rebuilt.

Content and scope of the guarantee
- The warranty covers rust through and corrosion perforation of sheet metal and all other parts that are proven to be, due to faulty design or poor workmanship. These parts will be repaired or replaced at our discretion without further cost to the customer.
- The owner of the Biohort product is responsible for any costs incurred for the removal, installation and transport of replacement parts. The defective parts, once removed become either the property of Biohort or must be disposed of by the customer.
- We do not assume liability for any consequential damages.

Limitation of guarantee
- This guarantee does not cover defects which have occurred due to:
• Transport damages (the shipping company is liable for these damages – please report them immediately)
• External influences or unforeseen forces, natural phenomena (e.g. hail)
• General assembly errors
• Faulty foundations, inadequate drainage of water in the area of the lower frame.
• Unsuitable choice of location and/or missing anchorage.
• Paint damages and scratches, which have not been repaired immediately.
• Maintenance errors (e.g. failure to lubricate the cylinder lock and hinges).
• Excessive ambient humidity or aggressive environmental conditions (e.g.: salty and/or sandy air, aggressive and abrasive cleaners, de-icing salt, fertilisers and other chemical materials).
• Justifiable wear and tear (e.g. cylinder lock).
• Colour changes, pigments used will alter as a result of long term effects of light and weather.
• For rubber and plastic parts only the statutory warranty period of 24 month applies.
- Our guarantee expires if the costumer is in default of payment, or if the defect is not reported in writing immediately upon discovery and proof of damage submitted with the claim.

Pertaining matters
Place of performance for all obligations arising as a result of guarantee claims is A-4120 Neufelden (Germany).

The purchaser or third-party cannot assert any additional rights beyond those included in our terms of guarantee, especially with regard to offsetting damage claims of any kind or rights of retention. Moreover, the terms and conditions of the relevant supplier shall apply according to the terms of guarantee.

The conditions apply to all services, including future deliveries, under exclusion of the customer's general business terms and conditions. Individual agreements which differ from these terms require our explicit written permission and in case of doubt, apply only to the specific legal transaction for which they were explicitly agreed in writing.

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