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Personalise your Outdoor Space with Fermob

One of the many attractions of Fermob furniture is the ability to inexpensively personalise your outdoor space in a way that is impossible with furniture bought from a supermarket. You can mix and match both colours AND styles to create your very own look. Whether that is a classy blend of neutrals, or a funky mix of bright colours, the possibilities are endless!

Let Us Help You

The Worm that Turned can help you create your own unique style, and at our Furniture advice line or in our Nottingham Shop you'll find there are bags of advice and experience. We can lend you product swatches if you ask nicely, and also provide a realisation of your chosen furniture to help you picture how it will look using Fermob's sophisticated 3Di programme. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you'd like our help!

If You Have Any Questions...

For all Furniture queries please phone our furniture help line on 0345 605 2505. We will be delighted to help you.

From which colour might be right in your outdoor setting, to how a product is made, we can assist. Just try us!

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