Hot Wok Gas Stove

Step up your outdoor cooking game with the Hot Wok Gas Stove!

This wonderful portable cast iron stove gives you the opportunity to prepare delicious dishes in the comfort of your outdoor space, or even on trips into the wilderness.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as serving up a piping hot plate of stir-fried vegetables with the added taste you can only get from cooking over powerful heat.

Here are some reasons why the Hot Wok would be fantastic to have, or gift to loved ones:

• Cooking with a higher heat gives you the added unique taste of 'wok hei'

• It's quick to fire up and get cooking

• Impress your guests by cooking table-side

• The stove and accessories are easy to clean and maintain

• It's so versatile you can cook all types of dishes

What is 'wok hei'?

Wok hei (pronounced 'wok hay') is a Cantonese term that describes the flavour that comes from cooking in a wok pan. There is a combination of intense heat that caramelises the sugars found in your ingredients, smoking oil, and something known as a 'maillard reaction'. This reaction can only occur through high heat, and gives the browning of food a distinctive flavour.

Add all of those chemical reactions together to add that charred, smoky flavour found in Asian cuisine.

Since wok hei, or 'breath of a wok', can only be added to your dishes through searing heat, this is where the Hot Wok is the best at-home tool you can have over your cooker top when wanting to cook professional stir-fries, or even fried rice.

Source: Michelin Guide

The key points that come with owning Gas Stoves are:

1. Added resilience from cast iron material

2. Cook to a professional standard, quickly, with 4x the heat from your cooker top

3. Control the gas using three taps

4. Compact & portable so you can take your Hot Wok out on your adventures

The Original 7kW Gas Stove Set and the Pro 12kW Gas Stove Set both include:

  • Cast Iron Gas stove

  • Gas regulator and tube

  • 30cm round bottomed wok pan made with 1.5mm carbon steel

Hit the ground running and cook beautiful dishes to serve your guests. All you need to do is provide the gas canister.

Original 7kW Stove vs Professional 12kW Stove

While you've decided a Hot Wok would be perfect for you, or loved ones: which is the right one to order?

The two differences between these stoves is the 7kW has 4 legs, and the 12kW has 3 legs making it slightly taller. The other difference is there is 5kW of power between them. This will slightly change the unique heating effect it will have on your dishes. Both are perfect for when you want to grill your food rather than boil, and will add the 'wok hei' flavour you can only get from high gas heat.

We recommend the Original 7kW Gas Stove when cooking for smaller groups of 2-4. With the three valves available, you have full control of the heat, meaning you can have beautifully fried meats and/or vegetables. This may be the preferred option if you will be taking it around camping and are planning to hike with it.

The 12kW Gas Stove is what we would recommend if you wanted to add to your outdoor kitchen set up. The 3 brass valves are slightly wider on the inside, compared to the 7kW, to accommodate the 12kW power, and the added heat makes it a little more versatile than the 7kW if you want to do more outside of grilling or frying. For example, if you needed to heat up a large pot of water or soup very quickly, or even start a microbrewery. The 7kW Gas Stove can do the same, however will take a little longer as it needs to catch up to the power of the 12kW Gas Stove.

It is also ideal when cooking for larger groups of 4 or more as the higher heat can spread across a larger pan. You can always turn the 12kW stove down to the same temperature the 7kW reaches if it is too hot, however you can never turn the 7kW up.

Whichever stove you choose, the portability of both stoves means you can cook right in front of your guests as they enjoy the outdoor ambience.


Expand your Hot Wok arsenal with accessories that will elevate your cooking repertoire!

Extra Large Wok Pan
Combine this Extra Large 35cm Wok Pan with the Hot Wok Pro 12kW stove for the ultimate in Asian cooking. Toss your meat and vegetables in style, and cook for larger groups with this wok pan.

When cooking for the first time, remember to 'burn' or 'season' your large wok pan before you start cooking.

Paella Pan
If you're not feeling like Asian cuisine, go Spanish with this paella pan. With a diameter of 35cm, this pan is made with 2mm carbon steel and sits comfortably on both sizes of stove.

Reversible Grill and Griddle Pan
This is the perfect, versatile pan for those wanting to have a mix of Asian cuisine as well as summer BBQ! Once done with your stir-fries, switch out to the reversible grill and griddle pan.

One side is a grill pan, which can give your sausages, steak, or even garlic bread, that tantalising criss-cross pattern, and the other side is fantastic for pancakes, warming up tortillas, or anything else you would like when cooking on a griddle.

Place your 30cm wok pan over your reversible pan as a makeshift lid!

Maintenance and Cleaning

• Cast Iron Stove

With cast iron there is always the chance you will encounter rust. This can come from old grease stains, or just the weather in general if your cast iron has been left outside for a prolonged period. If you do find rust on your cast iron stove, don't worry: it will not affect the functionality.

Treat your cast iron stove by wiping sunflower oil, peanut oil, or the oil you normally use for cooking, all around your stove. Wait 5-10 minutes and wipe off with clean kitchen paper, and your stove should be shiny again, without being oily. If there are still traces of oil, use a little more clean kitchen paper until the stove is no longer greasy.

If you find rust on your cast iron stove, use oil to clean.

Alongside this, we recommend storing your cast iron stove in a dry room or shed.

• Wok Pan

One of the most useful tools that you can have in your Asian cooking arsenal is the wok pan. Knowing how to take care of it will mean you will have endless amounts of the best tasting food for years to come.

To maintain the wok pan, avoid using soap when cleaning as this can affect the 'burn' or 'season' you initially performed before you started cooking. The soap can remove the protective oil coating that gives your wok pan the non-stick properties.

For regular maintenance, simply rinse under water and wipe clean with kitchen paper, or a soft cloth. Then, pour a small amount of cooking oil onto kitchen paper and wipe over the inside and outside of the wok pan to protect from rust.

We advise not using sharp utensils when using the wok pan as it can scratch the surface. You can use wooden or bamboo utensils for optimum cooking.


Q: Is the Hot Wok Gas Stove easy to use?

A: It's simple to set up, easy to use, and is suitable for outdoor cooks of all levels.

Q: What gas is suitable to use with my Hot Wok Gas Stove?

A: We recommend regular patio propane gas. This can either be a small or large canister.

Q: How much weight can I put on my Gas Stove?

A: Both the Hot Wok Original 7kW and Pro Outdoor 12kW Gas Stove can take a maximum load of 65kg - 70kg.

Q: I want to take my Hot Wok on a camping trip. How heavy is it to carry?

A: Both the Hot Wok Original 7kW and Pro Outdoor 12kW Gas Stove is 11kg.

Q: What's the best oil to use to protect my Hot Wok and Wok Pan?

A: The best oil to use is either sunflower oil, peanut oil, or whichever oil you normally use for cooking.

Need more advice?

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